What is the box or the packaging for your product ?

We pack the product in our shopping box to keep product the safe .

If I enter my shipping address, can I change it ?

Yes you can change the address before you order the product , so you can do it by giving the message to reshipped correctly onaddress for you as well.

Where is the nearest store ?

If you want to check the store so you need to call the customer number to ask about the store or you can get in touch with the customer team withemail, telephone, ordoing the chat in the operating time of the office .

How will my order ship to my address?

We will ship it with UPS or USPS so you can trackand deliver confirmation .

What are the payment options to pay ?

Yes we have the payment options. The payment can be done by using the card,online payment , we can use promotional codes or coupon codes

What will happen if the order is late ?

So if your order is late so you can check by the tracking option in your account or we can give a message to the customer service about your product being late .

Is your product safe or not can be a question from the same people ?

Yes your Product is safe for your people and your health also and there will be no problem for you.

What forms of payment are accepted ?

We accept cards like VISA, mastercard , and the paypal on the online purchases .

Is any credit information required while doing the shopping?

Yes we need your card details because to keep protecting the information and keep with us .

Can I submit an insurance claim and be reimbursed for my purchases?

Yes you can do the for the insurance claim but the it will be handled by the third party not by the company so make sure about making the claim.

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