Rite Rx Care Pharmacy is an integrative compounding pharmacy that focuses on the healthier lifestyle. Our team is composed of experts from Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing and Natural Medicine to produce 360 degrees of care for our patients. Give us a try and we’ll set you on your path to renewed health!

RITE RX CARE PHARMACY has the largest inventory of commonly prescribed medications in the Tampa Bay Area and DO NOT HAVE TO SPECIAL ORDER many of your prescriptions. In case we really need to order, we get it next day for your specific needs.


Rite Rx Care Pharmacy compounding drugs are made by precisely mixing together prescription, non-prescription and/or natural ingredients, to create a formulation which is not readily available. This personalized service offers a person (and their physician) a wider range of options for healing. The custom-made compound is created per physician’s order for an individual’s needs.


Compounded medications for wound care and management can help speed the process of healing, improve the effectiveness of treatments, and even save lives. This is especially true in cases involving people with pre-existing conditions and the elderly. Using a combination of medications that promote healing and improve the cleanliness of the healing process (preventing infections), compounded medications can make a dramatic impact on one’s recovery from a range of wounds, lacerations, and other injuries.


Proper skin care is important because our skin is the largest barrier against infection. Keeping skin healthy and moist keeps this barrier strong. That’s why we strive to provide the skin care products producing the best results.


Too often, trips to the dentist office cause inconvenience and unnecessary discomfort. Pharmacy Compounding is one of the best tools to make a trip to the dentist more enjoyable. Compounded medications can lessen the physical discomforts involved in a trip to the dentist and help ease the patient’s anxiety.


At Rite Rx Care Pharmacy, our mission is to provide your Residents and Staff with expert medication services while serving as an active partner with your Continuity of Care Team. Whether your community is small & intimate or large & luxurious, our core priorities remain the same; compliance, accuracy, expediency, availability, and professionalism. Rite Rx Care pharmacists are all Doctors of Pharmacy and are leaders in their respective fields. They are always available seven days a week for your questions and concerns. This will bring peace of mind for you, your residents, families, and staff.


Specialty drugs can be life-changing for a patient who is diagnosed with a complex and chronic disease. Pharmacist at RITE RX CARE PHARMACY consult patients on their specialty drug prescribed to them by physician that can allow that patient to live more independently and avoid hospitalization.


Our Ostomy Specialist is available to you for consultation, offering a personalized, warm and compassionate approach to your specific needs. We also specialize in custom fittings for hernia/support belts for ostomates. And above all, you will receive knowledge and education to living life to its fullest with your ostomy.

Rite Rx Care Pharmacy is home to “Leslee’s Angel’s Closet” established in 2007 to meet the needs of ostomates without insurance in our community. The angel’s closet is supported by Clearwater Ostomy Support Group. We offer a full line of ostomy supplies by the following manufacturers:


Incontinence and continence problems affect people of all ages, gender, cultures, and backgrounds. Despite popular beliefs, older people are not the only ones affected.


The practice of pharmacy compounding is becoming a popular solution to veterinary problems. Its resurgence in recent years extends valuable benefits to today’s pet owners. Animals often have variations of the same diseases humans have. Including skin rashes, eye or ear infections, heart conditions, cancer, thyroid issues, and diabetes. Medicating pets’ unique problems are often best dealt with through compounding.


We offer a multitude of medical supplies and accessories in ostomy, wound care, diabetes, incontinence, skin care, urological, pain therapy, compression stockings and high-quality nutritional supplements. Quality solutions to your medical supply needs…


Rite Rx Care Pharmacy has developed a successful diabetes management program to meet the diverse needs of patients in their communities. We offer a wide array of the latest in diabetic supplies, including diabetic medication, insulin, blood sugar monitoring devices, diabetic foot care, Dr. Comfort shoes and compression stockings.


Rite Rx Care can provide the standard vial packaging which has been done for years. However, in today’s environment, people have become more mobile and live in many different types of situations. Bearing that in mind, Rite Rx Care Pharmacy has created personalized services to offer special packaging which makes taking medications far less complicated and much safer. We will also deliver it straight to your home – Free pharmacy home delivery!


One of the most important ways to stay independent is to have the proper tools needed to accomplishing daily living activities. These include being able to get dressed, get up and down from a chair, bed or toilet seat and be mobile. Here are some of the categories we have of daily living aids to significantly make it easier to do your day to day tasks.


Every individual is unique, and experiences during the end of life can vary from person to person. Due to differences in patients’ body size, drug tolerance, or various organ failures, commercially available medications often do not provide the exact strength a patient requires. Through compounding, a prescriber and pharmacist can adjust medication to the exact dosage needed by the patient.


Medications and over-the-counter needs to include free counseling services

Compounding prescriptions for precise medication needs for our patients as well as their pets, including Menopause Treatment Drugs and Male Hormone Replacement

Medication Special Packaging for in town or out of town needs

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to include diabetic shoes, Ostomy products and other home medical supplies & equipment

Services for Senior Living Communities

Physician & Home Health Connections coordinating your in-home medication regime

Free Pharmacy Home Delivery

Prescription Pick Up

90 Day Supply of Medications available