Everyone is unique with special circumstances, particularly when it comes to pharmacy needs.

We recognize this; thus, we listen to you and your physician in designing a free program just for you.

Rite Rx Care Pharmacy can customize how your medications are packaged to fit your lifestyle.

Rite Rx Care can provide the standard vial packaging which has been done for years. However, in today’s environment, people have become more mobile and live in many different types of situations. Bearing that in mind, Rite Rx Care Pharmacy has created personalized services to offer special packaging which makes taking medications far less complicated and much safer. We will also deliver it straight to your home – Free pharmacy home delivery!

Weekly Dose Packaging

  • Organizes all your medications by the day and time to be taken
  • No more sitting down with that box of vials, setting up your medications for the day or week
  • All your medications are neatly organized as prescribed – simply punch out the dose and go
  • Contain vital information for each medication – dosage and what it looks like
  • Great to take along for doctor appointments or even vacation
  • Serves as a reminder as to when you took your last dose
  • No more hassle – safe and simple!

Single Dose Pharmacy Special Packaging

  • Perfect for any medications which are PRN (as needed)
    – Antibiotics or pain medications
  • Contain 30 slots which indicate exactly how many medications have been taken
    – No more counting pills in the vial!
  • Ensures you took all the medications required for a particular ailment
  • Great for knowing when you are getting close to completing the regime

Either of these packaging options fit into every living situation. Whether you are taking many different medications and living alone, caring for someone and assisting with their medications, or simply on the go and want a hassle free streamline system in taking medications, Rite Rx Care Pharmacy can help you!