Products for People Who Living with Quadriplegia


Quadriplegia is a type of paralysis that affects all four limbs and the torso & can arise due to disease or trauma. Typically, the loss entails the loss of both sensation and control. Muscles can be spastic or flaccid. Partial, periodic, total, or incomplete paralysis is all possible. Quadriplegia is the term that describes paralysis of both the arms and legs. We provide a variety of items at the medical supply store in Tampa to help people live independently and receive the highest caliber of treatment.

Medical Tools to Assist With Quadriplegia

What medical assistance could be most helpful to you if paraplegia or quadriplegia are determined to be your condition? There are so many questions that you might not know the answers to, particularly if you are unsure of the inquiries that need to ask! We can, however, highlight outstanding products that might increase your freedom and quality of life. They consist of:

Folding Power Wheelchair

With front shock absorbers and sturdy tyres, the folding electric wheelchair can easily navigate any terrain, whether indoors or outside. The seat of this chair has thick pads for maximum user comfort. Even better, it folds for easy storage or transportation.

The lightweight folding power wheelchair’s strong motors, front shock absorbers, and sturdy tyres are three things that make it easy to go on surfaces like grass, gravel, tarmac, carpeting, etc. The repositionable, 360-degree joystick controller has a USB charging connector, a horn, speed settings, and indicators for battery life.

Travel is easier thanks to a sturdy frame and straightforward folding design! For maximum comfort and accommodation, the seating is cushioned and upholstered in soft, breathable material.

Wheelchair Cushion

Users who require a cushion for basic skin protection should utilize wheelchair cushions. Skin breakdown is your main worry whether you use a manual wheelchair or a motorized rehab wheelchair, and this wheelchair cushion can help by reducing pressure spots.

While the user is sitting, it offers pressure-shifting capabilities using Isoflo memory control, enabling quick/easy adjustments. This cushion is made with an air-filled, adjustable, cellular construction. Also, it is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate practically every chair feasibly.

Moreover, it is affordable and a favorite among wheelchair users because it is FSA-approved. It is an air-filled, movable, segmented wheelchair support surface that one can adjust to fit the contour of the person using it while sitting.

Transfer Bench

Quadriplegics can use a transfer bench to securely exit their wheelchairs and enter the bathtub. You may wash up while sitting down on a transfer bench without having to worry about sliding or falling. Additionally, there is a grab bar on the side that can support you.

Shower Hose

A shower hose with a handheld showerhead and holder is another aid that might make bathing simpler. You may bathe while moving your body very little. People can reposition the showerhead rather than turning around and running the danger of sliding.

Leg Lifter

For individuals who lack the strength to elevate their legs, leg lifters might be of great assistance. You can use your arms to lift your leg into or out of wheelchairs, beds, and chairs once your foot is inside the loop.


You can use a reacher as an extension of your arm to prevent falling over while leaning forward. A reacher is an adaptable device that enables people with quadriplegia to pick up things that are just out of their reach.

They are quite adaptable and can assist with activities like cooking and cleaning. Simply place the reacher’s jaw around the item you wish to grab. Then grasp the trigger to firmly secure your hold.

The Bottom Line

Even if having a spinal injury is terrible, you can find comfort in the understanding that some medical tools and devices can help you keep your freedom and standard of living. Fortunately, the home medical equipment store has a wide selection of items that can benefit those with quadriplegia. Find the right equipment that will help you without costing too much money by working with your doctor and therapists (both occupational and physical).