Unknown Reasons for Weight Gain

Unknown Reasons for Weight Gain

Do you know hidden reasons why you gain weight that might be hampering your attempts to lose weight? Continue reading to find out the reasons behind unexpected weight gain.

Changes in lifestyle may be the cause of rapid weight gain. Weight variations of 1-2 kg during a 3-day period are common and can be due to food or lifestyle changes. Rapid weight gain, meanwhile, can also be an indication of a number of underlying medical disorders that need to be treated.

The Following Are Reasons For Unintentional Weight Gain

Insufficient or Poor Sleep

Unhealthy sleep can lead to weight increase for a variety of reasons. Insufficient sleep disrupts the areas responsible for controlling appetite and hunger. This will lead to overindulgence in food. Being fatigued also makes it more likely that you will miss exercise. And that you will go for food in an effort to gain energy.


One of the negative effects of several medicines is weight gain. Insulin, steroids, and antipsychotic medications are the most often prescription medicines that might result in weight gain. Unless instructed otherwise by a physician or other professional, never discontinue taking prescription medicine. Speak with your doctor if weight gain worries you.


Your body releases the stress hormone cortisol when you’re upset or under stress. Also, this makes you feel more hungry and more likely to seek sugary snacks. If you do this frequently, you can gain weight. As an alternative, select low-calorie snacks like rice cakes, crackers, and plain popcorn, along with fruit and vegetables.

Look for stress-reduction or -maintenance strategies that do not involve eating. These include yoga, meditation, deep breathing, exercise, or other forms of physical activity.

Cushing’s Disease

Cortisol often aids in maintaining normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels. However, overproduction of this stress hormone by your adrenal glands might cause weight gain around your neck and abdomen.

Along with weaker, thinner limbs, a round face, and large purple stretch marks, you may have more bruises. After attempting to determine the underlying reason, your doctor may decide to treat it with radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, or cortisol-lowering medications.

Metabolic Syndrome

It is a cluster of illnesses that increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. It’s possible that your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and body fat are at harmful levels.

There may be no obvious indicators other than excess weight that develops around your waist. Your physician may assist you in controlling it with medication, diet, and exercise modifications. And, in certain situations, weight reduction surgery is essential.

Too Much Sitting

Inactive activities such as working, watching TV, gaming, or reading through social media might contribute to weight increase over time. However, they are not precisely among the hidden causes of weight gain. You could be eating more snacks and sleeping less in addition to being less active.

Consuming Food Too Quickly

Meals that you consume in under twenty minutes indicate that you are likely overeating and eating too quickly. This is due to the fact that it takes your stomach around 20 minutes to release satiety hormones. This then tells your brain to reduce your appetite.

The Bottom Line

A few habits that might raise your chance of gaining weight are eating too many processed or sugary meals, sleeping poorly, and engaging in sedentary activities. However, a few easy actions, including exercising, eating mindfully, and emphasizing whole foods, can support you in achieving your weight reduction objectives.

Also, they make general health improvements. People need to consult a physician if they are gaining weight quickly and unintentionally without a known reason. They could do blood tests and a physical examination. Also, they might recommend that the patient see a specialist.