Weight or Cardio? Which comes first?

Weight or Cardio? Which comes first?

If you are like most people and don’t have hours to spend at the gym, you definitely want to maximise the effectiveness of your exercises. Even if you just have 30 minutes, making the most of your time will help you get results, especially if your programme emphasises incremental advancement. Combining aerobic exercise with strength training in one session is frequently the best way to make the most of your time. However, should you exercise before or after lifting weight? You may make a decision by taking into account a few key elements.

Advantages of doing cardio before weight

It will be best to do cardio first, then weight training, if you want to develop endurance. This is due to the fact that doing cardio depletes the energy reserves required to maintain aerobic or cardiovascular exercise.

Cardio exercise before weightlifting improves cardiovascular endurance. Additionally, lifting weights while running on empty improves muscle endurance. For long-distance or marathon runners, improving endurance is a great objective since it increases fatigue resistance and builds the slow-twitch muscle fibres required for endurance-based sports.

Alternately, you may think of your cardio as a warm-up rather than first seeing it as a way to increase your endurance. You may use your stroll as a warm-up cardio exercise before strength training, for instance, if you are walking at a moderate speed and are not wind or physically exhausted after your walk.

Advantages of cardio after weight

If you want to reduce fat and gain stronger, it’s best to do a cardio session following weight training. In order to achieve your fat reduction objectives, it is also advisable to increase your muscle mass, since this has been shown to speed up metabolism.

Additionally, you’ll be ready to go for strength training right away rather than arriving at this form of activity already physically exhausted. I advise you to persist with your programme if you’re very new to working out and it’s presently either strength training or cardio. Therefore, because it is already a part of your routine, go for your 20-minute walk if you feel encouraged to do so and want to add strength training.

If you already use weights for strength training and want to intensify your exercises, add a cardio session after you finish with the weights.

To continue improving your general health, it’s important to work with your body and your current routines.


Whether you should perform cardio before or after weight is not something that can be said with absolute certainty. It’s beneficial to test both methods and determine which is more effective for you. The secret is to incorporate both aerobic and weight training into your weekly fitness schedule.